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Should I Get My Child an Electric Toothbrush? Ask Our Advance Dentist for Kids

If you are struggling to encourage your child to brush his teeth, you may be considering purchasing an electric toothbrush as a way to make tooth brushing time easier and more exciting. The good news is, electric toothbrushes provides many advantages for kids, and can be just as helpful at eliminating plaque. In today’s post, our Advance pediatric dentist explains when an electric toothbrush can be a good solution, and other considerations that can help influence your decision.

Which is Better, a Manual or Electric Toothbrush?

This question is subject to some debate. Manufacturers of electric toothbrushes often insist that their devices do a better, more thorough job than traditional brushes. However, some pediatric dentists believe that electric toothbrushes are easy for kids to use improperly, and may result in less efficient plaque removal. The American Dental Association, meanwhile, states that both manual and electric toothbrushes can be equally effective at fighting plaque and gum disease. Long story short: every dentist has his or her opinion; but what we can all agree on is that electric toothbrushes are safe for kids who are older than 3.

Electric Toothbrushes for Kids: How to Ensure Safety

There are three main factors that influence safety when a child is using an electric brush. These include:

  • Age: As stated above, electric brushes are only recommended for kids above age 3.
  • Parental supervision: Make sure that there is always an adult nearby while a child is brushing, not just to ensure safety, but to ensure proper technique. Supervision can generally end around age 7.
  • Toothbrush type: The toothbrush should be designed specifically for a child’s grip, and have soft bristles to decrease the risk of gum injury.

As long as these three conditions are met, then an electric toothbrush should pose no problem for your child.

Need a Pediatric Dentist in Advance NC? 

At Advance Pediatric Dentistry, we generally view electric toothbrushes as a beneficial oral health tool that helps encourage children to develop good oral care habits. In our book, anything that gets kids excited about tooth care is a good thing! If you would like our pediatric dentists to make a recommendation for a particular style or brand of toothbrush, just ask us during your child’s next dental appointment. Our amazing Advance pediatric dentists will be happy to advise you!