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Advance Pediatric Dentist Shares Ideas for Preserving Your Child’s First Lost Tooth

“First lost tooth” is right up there with “first steps” and “first words” as a developmental life milestone. But unlike the latter two, a tooth can be preserved and saved for years to come. If you’re scratching your brain trying to come up with a way to save a baby tooth, check out the ideas below from our Advance pediatric dentist.

Frame It

Instead of burying the tooth in a drawer, one option is to add it to a shadowbox full of other “firsts.” You could include items like a lock of hair; outgrown pacifier or rattle; professional photo or even a plaster footprint. Hang it on the wall for a unique memento that will last for years to come!

Put it in a Locket

What goes in one of those tiny keepsake lockets, anyway? Most are only enough to accommodate a penny or a tiny note—or a baby tooth! If heart-shaped lockets aren’t your thing, look for a vial-shape or treasure-chest shape. It’s a great way to keep your child close to your heart, even after they’re all grown up. If you are a husband or father, this can be a great anniversary present!

Repurpose a Ring Box

If you’re just looking for a good way to keep track of a baby tooth, you can make good use of an old ring box that is no longer being used. Simply stick the tooth upright in-between the fold, and keep it where you stash other precious things.

Preserving a Lost Baby Tooth

Teeth are well-known for their remarkable resiliency. If you are a fan of true crime shows, you might recall how teeth often survive fires and other methods of evidence concealment. The only thing you have to do to preserve the tooth, therefore, is ensure it’s clean, dry, and free of bacteria. Simply swipe the tooth with rubbing alcohol and air dry it in a sunny, clean place, and it should remain mold- and decay-free for decades, if not centuries.

Preserving Baby Teeth for Stem Cell Research

Adult stem cells can only come from bone marrow, umbilical cords, fat, and baby teeth. For this reason, many parents are interested in preserving the teeth in the hopes that they will one day be useful in regenerating tissues. If you’re interested in preserving baby teeth for their stem cells, there are many commercial facilities that can assist you. However, it’s important to note that as of right now, there’s no telling when (or if) stem cells will actually be usable. To date, the FDA has yet to approve the use of dental stem cells in any medical procedure.

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