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How Healthy Teeth Equals Better School Performance!

Did you know that, according to a study by the NHIS, over 51 million school hours are lost annually because of dental-related illnesses? It’s true! Poor oral health affects far more than your child’s teeth; it can also impact their attendance, academic success, and even their confidence, both now and later in life. Below are some reasons why a healthy mouth sets your child up for a success in all areas of life.

Higher Confidence and Self-Esteem

Early childhood tooth decay can decrease a child’s confidence level, impacting their ability to develop positive social skills. Severely damaged teeth can also impair a child’s speech development, causing issues with communication. Children with unhealthy teeth may feel ashamed or different than their peers, and may either self-isolate, or experience ostracism and/or bullying.

Less Pain Means Less Distractions

Oral pain distracts children from play and learning, both in and outside of the classroom. Studies have shown that children with painful tooth issues experience a higher inability to focus on schoolwork, decreased completion of assignments, and increased withdrawal from activities such as play.

Better Emotional Health

A strong correlation has been shown between children with poor dental health and children who experience depression, anxiety, and symptoms thereof (irritability, fatigue, insomnia, etc.) This is thought to be a result of issues discussed above (reduced self-esteem, failure to develop social skills, and repeated difficulties in the classroom).

Less School Absences

Regular dentist appointments take children out of school once every six months, for a few hours or so. But treatment for severe pediatric tooth decay can hospitalization and treatment under general anesthesia (since young children generally have trouble sitting still during invasive procedures.) This can result in days or weeks of missed school time. Furthermore, severe or significant tooth decay can cause increased vulnerability to infections, which means the child will likely overall experience more sicknesses and absences. A healthy mouth means a healthy body!

How Our Advance Pediatric Dentist Help Kids Succeed in School and Life!

If you want to keep your child happy, healthy, and in class, it’s important to take him or her in for a regular checkup at our Advance pediatric dentist! In addition to providing dental exams and cleanings, we can also administer sealants and fluoride treatments that will help decrease the risk of tooth decay. At home, be sure to promote positive oral health practices such as tooth brushing, and try to avoid giving your child sugary juices, candies, and sodas.

We hope that this article helps your whole family stay safe and cavity-free! To schedule an appointment with Advance Pediatric Dentistry, click here.