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HealthyStart Can Improve Your Child’s Health

HealthyStart is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, pain-free approach to opening the airway and straightening teeth WITHOUT braces. It works with the natural forces of tooth eruption. The comfortable, soft, removable devices guide the erupting teeth gently into their perfect alignments. HealthyStart also assists in the correct growth and alignment of the lower jaw, expanding the arches to make enough room for the permanent teeth coming in.

There are 6 ways HealthyStart can make your child’s health a priority:

  1. Better Sleep
    The way the HealthyStart appliance works is by opening the airway and allowing for maximum airflow. This allows children to be more relaxed and to sleep more deeply.
  2. Improved Grades
    By opening the airway and allowing for maximum airflow, children sleep better, which allows them to be their most successful selves.
  3. Increased Focus
    A person who is deprived of sleep cannot focus properly and will have continuous long-term effects. Quality sleep improves memory, executive function and problem-solving during childhood.
  4. Improved Behavior
    Quality sleep improves behavior during adolescence and allows children to be the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.
  5. Straightened Teeth
    The HealthyStart appliances promote the natural growth of teeth into their correct alignments. Unlike most clear aligners, HealthyStart appliances are non-invasive and work with the natural eruption of teeth.
  6. Developed Jaw
    While our appliances aid in opening the airway, they also shift the jaw forward while straightening the teeth and guiding them into the correct alignments. Many other clear aligners don’t address the underdeveloped jaw and force teeth into alignment.