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Benefits Of Panoramic X-Ray’s

Whenever you make your way to our Advance pediatric dentist office we understand you are usually nervous and want your checkup or procedure to pass as quickly as possible. To make this wish a reality, we have been working to make positive changes to every aspect of our practice, including the use of panoramic dental imaging.

What is Panoramic Dental Imaging?

There are many ways of looking inside the mouth of our patients, but the most effective and positive option is to use a panoramic x-ray. This version of the x-ray gives a wider view of the entire mouth, jaw, and nasal cavity. You may wonder why this form of the x-ray is necessary? The answer is that a panoramic x-ray can give our local pediatric dentist a view of the whole of the lower half of the head to provide a more detailed diagnosis. Whether your children are undergoing some form of dental pain or in need of a new patient dental exam there are many reasons why this form of the x-ray is the best option.

Enjoy Many Benefits

One of the reasons why our local pediatric dentist looks to use panoramic x-rays for a new patient dental exam or detailed treatments is the ability of our pediatric dentist to see as much as possible from a single image. Other benefits include:
• Less fear from a machine passing around the outside of the head
• No gagging from mouth inserts

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