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Space Maintainers aka Teeth Retainers

Baby teeth commonly come out leaving a space between them before the permanent teeth can come through. Eruption cycles vary with each child. Permanent teeth will push the baby tooth out of the way but sometimes the baby tooth will fall out before the permanent tooth will fully erupt. Pediatric teeth retainers will be placed to keep the remaining teeth from migrating forward until the permanent teeth can come in.

How Long Do Space Maintainers Stay In Place?

Retainers for kids (space maintainers) can be in for several months. It again depends on how long until the permanent teeth push through the gums and fill in the empty space. Our local dentist for kids will determine how long one should stay in place.

What Is A Space Maintainer?

Pediatric teeth retainers are made of metal and use a band similar to those used in orthodontic braces. There is a bar or set of bars in between which replaced the missing tooth or teeth in that area. One band around the tooth in front and one on the tooth in the back. The bars are designed to keep the tension between the teeth so the back one doesn’t move forward. Placing the bands around the teeth is not invasive and doesn’t require a local anesthetic. A topical anesthetic can be used around the gums to lightly numb them while the band is seated but is not necessary.

How Do I Know My Child Needs One?

A child should start seeing a local dentist for kids at around age two. Regular check-ups will help the dentist keep an eye on eruption cycles and if there is a need for retainers for kids. Schedule an appointment today if you haven’t and ask our Advance pediatric dentist about retainers for your kids.

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